Do's and don'ts after cataract surgery- a complete guide

Even though cataract is one of the most common eye problems that cause vision loss, a lot of us are not aware of the do’s and don’ts after having cataract surgery. Since surgery is the only treatment, after-surgery precautions are highly important to ensure your eye safety and get the life that was hampered due to vision loss.
Well, who doesn’t likes to see the beautiful world as bright and clear, right?
While a cataract is very safe and painless, you have to be mindful of the following and give yourself ample time to recover. You might experience distorted, hazy or wavy vision initially which is absolutely normal. You might not feel anything at all. Even then, these precautions must be followed. In this blog, we will talk extensively about do's and don'ts after cataract surgery.

Do’s and Don’ts after cataract surgery

  1. Don’t rub your eye with your hands or anything. This can lead to an eye infection or disturb the eye lens. If your eye itches or waters, you can gently wipe it with a clean or sterile tissue or cotton.

  2. Don’t wash your eyes for 10 days with water. Avoid washing your face and taking a shower, or hair wash for 10 days to avoid getting any water in your eyes.

  3. Don’t go for activities that can damage your eyes like swimming, playing sports, etc.

  4. Don’t lift heavy weights, do strenuous activities and do things that can increase the pressure on your eyes like coughing and sneezing too strongly.

  5. Avoid make-up, lotions or cream in and around your eyes. If possible, avoid these at all.

  6. Avoid dust, heavy wind, dirt and pollen from getting in your eyes.

  7. Avoid going out in the sun and directly looking at it by wearing sunglasses.

  8. Don’t let hot steam, hot water, fumes, or vapor get into your eyes.

Rest after surgery

Everyone heals differently and while cataract has a fast recovery period 2-3 days of total rest is strictly recommended. You can resume your normal life activities in just a couple of days.

Sleep with an eye shield

To protect the eye from any accidental injury, or rubbing while sleeping during the recovery phase, it is advised to wear a protective eye shield for sleeping. It is also advised to sleep on the non-operated side if you are a side sleeper to avoid any unnecessary pressure on the eye.

Food precautions after cataract surgery

Cataract surgery heals easily from the surgery in most cases and to speed up the process focus on eating healthy for your overall health. Eat food rich in protein and fiber. You must avoid certain food like food high in sugar and refined carbohydrates, oily and junk food because this food can spike your blood sugar level and cause damage to blood vessels in the eye.

Do’s after cataract surgery

  • Follow the instructions given by your doctor strictly.
  • Do take your medicines, eye drops, etc without a miss.
  • Wash your hands with soap before and after touching your eyes.
  • Clean your eyes with drops prescribed by your doctor.
  • In case you experience any discomfort other than told by your doctor, immediately consult.

Your eyes are precious and it is imperative to follow these post-surgery care instructions to speed up the healing process. Cataract is common and there is nothing to be scared of because, with the right treatment and care, you can resume your normal life super fast. If you need any assistance with your eye My Vision Eye Clinic is just a call away to help you.

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