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In current times, with increased exposure to digital medium, eye wear has become an integral part of our life. While this huge opportunity has commercialized the space, basic purpose of the eye wear is to protect and enhance your vision. However, changing trends are influencing spectacle dispensing and it has also become a fashion statement for many.

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In addition to the style of frames, it is important to ensure that quality of materials (Color, base etc..) used to make the same are healthy and of lighter weight, as it sits on your nose for a longer period.

With regards to lens, accuracy of power and quality are of paramount importance.

At “Netra Ashok”, Optical outlet in My Vision Eye Clinic, we ensure that all our stocks meet the above standards. Being a doctor driven set up, our primary focus is always to ensure that your vision is taken care of well. Keeping this core principle intact, our constant endeavor is to make the best blend of quality products and style to suit your needs and budget.

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Optical services at The My Vision Eye Clinic also stands unique in

o Handpicked Indian frames, especially for kids & working executives

o Reasonably priced good quality lens and frames

o Scientific dispensing under strict supervision

o Local fitting and hence faster delivery

o Quality Assurance